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Mongolia-italian cooperation in cashmere industry
About Textile Technology Center

The Ministry of Development of the Republic of Italy, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, and the Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association jointly established the Textile Technology Center with a 100% grant from Italian government.

As the global weather is getting warmer year by year, consumers are choosing light and comfortable products, not just products with attractive colors and designs. However, the spinning factories operates in Mongolia mainly produce 26-numbered thick yarn. There is a necessity for further production of finer spun yarns, and it is essential to carry out experiments and research in this field and to empower engineers.

We are aiming to solve all these problems in the production and technology sector by establishing a Textile Technology Center with a test and research base under the association.

Textile Technology Center

The goals of Textile Technology Center

  • Researching the techniques and technologies of fine spinning and knitting production, and choosing the optimal version of the equipment to be used in the further processing of wool and cashmere based on experimental research.
  • Experiments and research to develop finer spinning
  • Retraining engineers and technicians working on fine spinning production, training and capacity building on the equipment of the textile technology center
  • To make knitted products with fine spinning yarn, to conduct experiments and research
  • Product development, training and training of engineers in fine spinning and knitting industry
In order to produce "spinning" that meets the requirements of the best fashion and high-performance textiles and knitting products to compete in the world market, the equipment of the semi-worsted yarn’s system /lab equipment of MESDAN LAB, BUSI, GUALCHIERI, FADIS/ from Italy was installed.
The above equipment will be used for the development and quality improvement experiments of fine spun yarns, and each equipment performs the following activities.


Cleaning and smoothing of waste and coarse hair from raw materials


Production of thin roving that meet the requirements of the spinning by tapering the carded raw material and repeatedly stretching it.


Fabrication of strong single twisted yarn by tapering and stretching the roving


The twisted single yarn is wrapped in a conical cartridge and made ready for the next step.


To double the single yarn and make it ready to transfer to the twister lab


To join the doubled yarn together by twisting way

Certification Body Office

Achieved results

  • By 2025, the goal of producing 60% of the total cashmere raw materials produced in Mongolia will be implemented. The target of up to 30% of the total finished products produced will be branded products with the Mongolian Noble Fibre certification mark.
  • It will be possible to carry out research and development in the production of fine spinning yarn.
  • A basic structure for further development will be created by testing fine spinning yarns in weaving production and producing final products.
  • All factories of the sector will be fully hired with qualified engineers and designers.
  • Acquire high technique and technology from Italy and localize it in Mongolia.

About equipment’s investment

We are working on the goal of adding value to 60% of the total processed cashmere raw materials and produce final finished products. As of 2022, we have purchased equipment worth of 14.2 million US dollars. In the future, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for the investment of equipment worth 305 million US dollars from Italy through the intergovernmental line of the two countries