Since 2018 /AVSF StepEcolab project/:

  • Assessment of the main environmental and social impacts of a selected panel of Mongolian wool and cashmere processing companies, identification of best practices and recommendations for improvement
  • Assessment of the skills wool and cashmere engineer and technical staff need to possess to match expectation of processors and their commitment to sustainability
  • Developed the volunteer operation rules
  • Recruited international consultants to expand marketing and foreign markets, increase competitiveness, increase sales and participate in international exhibitions of Mongolian wool and cashmere product of manufacturing companies
  • Made promotions and handbooks for joint meetings and discussions
  • Organized the trainings
  • A platform was established to identify solutions for the development of sustainable products in the textile industry of Mongolia
  • “Sustainable Textile Production” and “Responsible Nomads” standards for sustainable production of raw materials of animal origin have established
  • Participated in Premiere Vision 2022 international exhibition