Textile Technology Center


1. About Textile Technology Center

The Ministry of Development of the Republic of Italy, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, and the Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association jointly established the Textile Technology Center with a 100 percent grant from Italy.

As the world’s weather is getting warmer year by year, consumers are choosing light and comfortable products, not just the products with beautiful colors and designs. However, the spinning mills operating in Mongolia mainly produce 26-number thick yarn. There is a need for further production of fine spun yarns, and it is essential to carry out experiments and research in this field and to empower engineers.

We are aiming to solve all these problems in the production and technology sector by establishing a Textile Technology Center with a test base under the association.

The main goals of Textile Technology Center:

Researching the techniques and technologies of fine spinning and knitting production, and selecting the optimal version of the equipment to be used in the further processing of wool and cashmere based on experimental research.
Experiments and research to develop fine spinning industry
Retraining engineers and technicians working on fine spinning production, training and capacity building on textile technology center equipment
Making knitted products with fine spinning yarn, conducting experimental research
Product development, training and training of precision spinning and knitting industry engineers

In order to produce the “spinning” that meets the requirements of the best fashion and high-performance textiles and knitwear to compete in the world market, semi-fine system equipment and test equipment of the Italian companies MESDAN LAB, BUSI, GUALCHIERI, FADIS/ have been installed.

The above equipments will be used for fine yarn processing and quality improvement experiments, and each device will perform the following operations. It includes: