GOBI, the first national producer has been planning and implementing many projects in the wool and cashmere industry by following a leading policy in terms of wages and incentives.
Within the scope of its sustainable development policy “Happy Employee”, Gobi aims to maintain a balance between work and life for employees, create a favorable workplace environment, open opportunities for learning and development and increase employee satisfaction. Within this goal, we:
– In 2022, we are contributing to the creation of skilled human resource wealth in Mongolia by providing long-term and short-term professional training to our best personnel who have led others in their work in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Japan and South Korea.
– We are creating favorable conditions for employees with high professional skills, positive attitude and experience to work in their country, near their loved ones and receive wages and bonuses that meet world standard.
– Kindergarten, which is the most pressing problem in today’s society was solved in 2022, and by starting the activities of the Gobi’s Children kindergarten under the organization, employees children were provided equal opportunities to attend kindergarten, flexible schedules were created and they were given the opportunity to work stably.
– Therefore, in order to create favorable working conditions, employees are provided with transportation, healthy and discounted food rich in vitamins, monthly vitaminization campaigns and regular medical examinations and tests are carried out.
– In addition, in order to increase the social participation of each employee, we organize a family day on the initiative of their colleagues, and spread the culture of a people-centered organization by teaching 12 types of “Interest Clubs” such as mountain hiking and e-sports.
Gobi plans to successfully overcome the global pandemic with the strength of its team and open a new factory in the Tuv province. Within the framework of this planned work, the doors of Gobi are open to anyone who wants to join us, get the highest salary and bonus in the industry, work in the most favorable environment, and join the positive attitude of the organizational culture to beautify the world with Mongolian cashmere.
Every step of life with cashmere.