Khanbogd Cashmere LLC awarded by the conformity certificate that meets the requirements of MNS 3683:2015 goat dehaired cashmere, technical requirements and MNS 5307:2003 technical requirements and standards of knitted and woven products based on the analysis of professional analysts by the meeting of 30th December 2022 of Certification body of Mongolian wool and cashmere association.
Khanbogd Cashmere LLC has around 400 employees and has the capacity to produces 1800tons dehaired cashmere and 100,000 units of knitted products. Currently working on the establishment of the factory with the capacity to produce 1000tons dehaired cashmere in Darkhan-Uul province with the collaboratio of Italian Falconori in 2023.
Besides the company owns the Mongolian Noble Fibre, which certifies that Mongolian cashmere meets high quality and standard requirements which environmentally friendly and sustainably produced, in frame of the customers and clients have trusted and social responsibility entrusted the ISO/IEC 17025 (MNS ISO/IEC17025-2018) internal control laboratory and produces the dehaired cashmere that meets high-quality requirements of the world’s best brand and supply to the UK, Italy, China, Germany, India, Japan and South Korea.