Baylag Ulzii LLC opened a new factory on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its BODIO’S brand last saturday. Head of the Parliament Zandanshatar.G was invited to participate in the opening event of the factory and delivered a greeting, Ulziibodijav.J, CEO of Baylag Ulzii LLC and founder of Bodio’s brand, gave an opening speech.
In 1992, he joined a group in the cashmere industry and started trading in animal raw materials. Now he established Baylag Ulzii company which has more than 120 employees and has become one of the leading wool and cashmere factories. The company has brought the value of yak wool, which was once devalued to a level that is competitive with cashmere and has started producing quality products with quality raw materials. Also by buying raw materials from herders at a higher price than the market price, they contributed to the lives of herders and created a network of separate preparation and collection of high-quality raw materials. In this sense, it is a company that contributes to the development of responsible business and the creation of new standards.