The Ministry of food, agriculture and light industry, Mongolian wool and cashmere association, Mongolian leather production association and Misheel expo jointly hosted Mongolian wool, cashmere and leather products-2022 for the 16th year in 20-24th October 2022.
In the exhibition which aims to improve product quality, standard, expand export, support the producers sale, exchange the experiences and enable consumers to shop from one place has attended around 100 companies such as Gobi, Cashmere Holding and Khanbogd Cashmere and totally sold products with the amount of around 300 million tugriks.
During the exhibition, following wool and cashmere industry companies selected the best by evaluating the past year work. Such as:
– Best of the best Grandprix nominated to Khanbogd Cashmere “Elegant Rhythm” collection /This collection attended in Emerging Talents Milan-2022 for the first time from Mongolia. It is characterized by expressing the beauty and nobility of women by combining the rich and luxurious designs and patterns of Mongolian queen’s clothing and rare and precious vintage necklaces with modern contemporary trends./
– Feature product Goyol Cashmere LLC’s “Magnolia collection” /Made of Mongolian blue goat cashmere with a mixture of hirame and azure mesh, with intricate details, God’s flower is a symbol of a rare and precious flower that blooms once a year and grows in several different colors, a symbol of love and unity./
– Best decorated booth Gobi corporation /Gobi was distinguished by breaking the traditional model and introducing the latest high-tech, energy-efficient, low-carbon, eco-friendly 3D Wholegarment automatic knitting machine to customers./
The Mongolian wool and cashmere and Step Ecolab project with the European Union funding, are collaborated and successfully finished the first stage of the project for create the sustainable produtction and since 2018, special awards have been awarded. The special award has been nominated to“Gobi-Erdene” LLC and “Gurvan Sor” LLC created the waste-free production and reused the residual materials into production as part of the project were awarded with fresh water meters.