Batchimeg.N, Senior consultant of Khan Bank business and Undarmaa.S, teacher of Alibaba and Executive director of Alicore LLC are met with the companies to introduce the digital sales market and possibilities of Mongolian cashmere products which spread out through the worldwide.
In the meeting participated the representatives of the industry such as Cashmere Holding, Sor Cashmere, Khanbogd Cashmere, Leader Cashmere, Mongol Textile, Munkhbumuud, Goyol Cashmere, Gobi-Erdene Cashmere, Negun Cashmere, Nans Cashmere, Sain Tumen Cashmere, Gurvan Sor Cashmere and MG Cashmere.
The training will be organized at the beginning of the December to introduce Mongolian cashmere to the international market. Therefore, the best participants of the program will be selected and given the right to increase sales channel by placing products and services in the Khan Bank store located on the Alibaba platform for 1 year.