With the support of the Embassy of Mongolia in the Kingdom of Sweden, the Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association invited the representatives of Kashmir Holding, Snow Fields, Ogozh Shim, and Leader Kashmir companies to promote Mongolian cashmere products in the markets of Nordic countries and to increase sales channels, Swedish and Norwegian trade promotion organizations, government organizations, State and private sector meetings and events were successfully organized with trading companies and entrepreneurs.

During the meeting, Finnpartnership, which supports exporters from developing countries in Finland in finding suppliers, intermediaries, and buyers (match making), is a professional organization that provides one-stop services for export promotion, providing information on the Swedish market, import rules, regulations, and requirements under the Swedish National Trade. Open Trade Gate, the Association of Norwegian Entrepreneurs and Gudbrands Uldvarefabrik, a 130-year-old textile factory in Norway, presented the features and industry of Mongolian cashmere, displayed samples of Mongolian cashmere and yak plastic products, and exchanged ideas on how to cooperate in the future.

In the fall of this year, the Open Trade Gate organization under the Swedish National Trade Council will organize a special training for the Mongolian cashmere industry, upload detailed information of Mongolian companies on the website of the Finnish Finnpartnership organization to introduce them to the Finnish market, connect them with buyers, and submit a proposal for cooperation with the Mongolian cashmere industry to the Norwegian Textile Federation. agreed.

In addition, in Sweden and the European Union, which has a cold climate, purchasing power and high standard of living, we will introduce our products to the markets of the European Union. , providing certified products and increasing trade turnover of wool and cashmere products in the Nordic countries, this event is important.

As of 2020, Norway exported 6,172 shirs and Sweden 2,290 pieces of cashmere products from Mongolia, which is insufficient for Nordic countries with a similar climate. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously promote and market Mongolian cashmere in the markets of the Nordic countries.