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Arig Gal bld, District Khan-Uul, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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+(976) 11-342950

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The Mongolian Wool Cashmere Association is accredited by MNS ISO/IEC 17065:2013 and carries out conformity assessment and certification of wool cashmere products. Within the framework of the rights and duties required for products and services of the certification body and the international standard MNS ISO/IEC 17065:2013, the specialized certification body of the cashmere industry was accredited by the Accreditation Agency (MNA) and certified by order of the Minister. No. A-134 dated May 11, 2021 of Minstry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry.

Certification Body Office

Importance of the certificate

  • Increase costumer’s confidence in that product
  • Adding value to the wool and cashmere industry, which is the pillar of Mongolian economy
  • Ensuring the quality standards of wool and cashmere products exported from Mongolia
  • Support the value chain of the wool cashmere industry
  • Promoting the characteristics and advantages of Mongolian cashmere in domestic and foreign markets
Certification Body Office

Execution of warranties/ certificates) and market requirements

  • Co-marketing, branding, quality, sustainable production criteria and compliance certifications are recognized in the international market
  • Production quality system, to improve the product quality by providing product standard
  • Coordinate the development of the wool and cashmere industry with the "Sustainable development concept of Mongolia 2030" program approved by Parliament Resolution No.02 of 2016
  • Producers are interested in obtaining certification for their products, depending on their production capacity and scope of production
  • Socially responsible, produce sustainable products and willing to be known in the foreign market
  • Prove that products meet quality and standards and are interested in promoting them to consumers
  • Customers want to purchase products with guaranteed quality
  • Consumer’s purchase behavior supports environmentally friendly and socially friendly production
  • Gain confidence on purchased products