To become national professional association renowned in the international textile industry, with skilled members who have developed world-renowned Mongolian brand

  • Khan-Uul district, 15th khoroo, Chinggis Avenue, Arig Gal company building, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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Since 2013 ACIMIT

Since 2013 ACIMIT /Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers/

  • By the invitation of ACIMIT, 21 representatives of the Mongolian wool and cashmere industry went on a business trip to Rome, Italy, Milan, Venice, Vicenza, Germany in order to learn about the activities of textile equipment manufacturing companies, research equipment prices, conclude contracts, and explore the possibility of leasing.
  • 14 representatives of ACIMIT /in the field of spinning, weaving and processing/ visited Mongolia and got acquainted with the activities of Mongolian Govi, Goyo, Eermel and Buyan LLC, introduced advanced Italian equipment, organized a joint workshop and exchanged ideas.
  • The following 4 volumes of books necessary for the Mongolian cashmere industry have been translated from English into Mongolian. It includes:

o "Spinning production technology and equipment",

o "Weaving production technology and equipment",

o "Knitting production technology and equipment",

o "Weaving finishing line technology and equipment"

  • The following activities are being carried out within the scope of the cooperation agreement.

o Localization of advanced Italian technology in Mongolia

o Organization of joint training, seminars, experience exchange

o Establishment of a Technology Transfer Center with the support of the Italian Government


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