To become national professional association renowned in the international textile industry, with skilled members who have developed world-renowned Mongolian brand

  • Khan-Uul district, 15th khoroo, Chinggis Avenue, Arig Gal company building, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • 11342950

Snow Fields Co., ltd

Address: Nairamdalin zam-44, Songino khairhan district-20, Orbit-18171.Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia
Sales phone: +976 91910686

As a result of the audit of Snow Fields LLC, the audit team highlights the following good practices and strengths of the company:
1. Has a procedure on waste
2. Contract for transportation and reuse of hazardous waste
3. Environmental impact assessment
4. Waste corners are adequately equipped
5. Updated human resource contracts and regulations
6. Electricity and heat meters are registered and have certificates.
7. Energy-efficient lighting, well-arranged lighting location
8. Independent steam boiler, good operation and registration
9. Dyed cashmere dries without steam, it is economical
10. Ventilation is good, and portable air conditioners are adequately installed and used in offices and factories.
11. To reduce CO2, many flowers and plants are planted indoors
12. Good water use control
13. Equipped with water softening equipment
14. Technology regimes are consistently well followed
15. The specialization of the dyeing industry is good

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