To become national professional association renowned in the international textile industry, with skilled members who have developed world-renowned Mongolian brand

  • Khan-Uul district, 15th khoroo, Chinggis Avenue, Arig Gal company building, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • 11342950

Nans Cashmere

Address: IDEH 1-43, Bayanzurkh District, 2nd khoroo | Ulaanbaatar 13381 | Mongolia

Sales phone: +976 95912101, +976 99077775, +976 11 452400

As a result of the audit of Nans Cashmere LLC, the audit team highlights the following good practices and strengths of the company:
1. Good technology to produce finished products
2. Introduced automatic chemical technology system in the washing process
3. Introduced low temperature washing technology, improved energy saving and hygienic environment.
4. Waste from the factory is sorted out and registered
5. Waste bins were installed in each workshop
6. Regular training on social responsibility, waste management and safety

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