“Emerging Talents Milan” 2022

Everyone knows Milan as one of the 4 biggest fashion capitals of the world. Milan’s history as the center of the fashion world dates back to the Middle Ages, and currently there are 12,000 fashion companies, 800 showrooms and more than 6,000 stores of world-famous brands such as Armani, Prada, Valentino and Versace.
As for the national producer Khanbogd Cashmere, it is representing Mongolia for the first time at the “Emerging Talents Milan” 2022 show to present his Regina spring-summer collection. The Regina collection aims to express the beauty and dignity of women in a feminist way by combining the rich designs and patterns of Mongolian queens’ clothing and rare vintage necklaces with modern contemporary trends.
Working with a team of professional Italian designers on the collection, based on research not only on the next season’s fashion trends, but also on the current consumer behavior, and by combining Mongolian heritage with minimalism and feminism trends, they successfully participated in the “Emerging Talents Milan” 2022 show event by using premium, pure, and silky Mongolian cashmere and a variety of knitting methods.
Khanbogd Cashmere aims to create unique designs and value with Mongolian cashmere that meets international standards and quality requirements in order to support sustainable production and sustainable development.