Dondogdorj.M, Head of the department for coordinating the implementation of light industrial policy of MOFALI and Altantsetseg.D, Executive Director of Mongolian wool and cashmere association are met with General Accountant of Mongol Bank Gan-Ochir.D, Acting director of financial markets department of the resource management and financial market department Odgerel.O, a Specialist in the department of economic analysis and policy Erkhembayar and specialist of financial market department Munkhzul.B and discussed about the cashmere current capital loan of 2023.
During the meeting, discussed on in connection with the resolution approved by the government, from January 2023 the production and export of cashmere that meets with requirements of quality and standard the next year’s cashmere preparations, loans and sources of credit, the possibility of creating a new financial mechanism in the cashmere sector, flexible and solutions.
In the result of meeting, Mongolian wool and cashmere association will introduce the roadmap on loan demand and collateral assets of cashmere industry’s factories to commercial banks which are Haan, Golomt, TDB, State Bank, Transbank, Capitron and Khas.