Today, at the Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association, M. Dondogdorj, Head of the Light Industry Policy Implementation Department of MOFALI, V. Bolormaa, a specialist in the Department of Strategic Policy Planning, B. Erhembayar, specialist in charge of wool and cashmere sector, financial staff and executives of Gobi, Cashmere Holding, Khanbogd Cashmere, Snow Fields, Sor Cashmere participated in the meeting to discuss possible solutions about the problems arising from the tax aspect of the raw material of cashmere factories.
At the meeting, it was agreed to establish working groups to work on issues such as eliminating the difficulties of e-documents for manufacturers to purchase raw materials and exempting imported equipment from VAT and customs duties in order to ensure the implementation of Article 14.1.4 of the VAT Law.
On the proposals made by the working group to be included in the VAT and personal income tax laws, the tax advisor of Cashmere Holding and the legal advisor of Gobi will provide legal advice and will come up with a possible alternative to amend the law.