To become national professional association renowned in the international textile industry, with skilled members who have developed world-renowned Mongolian brand

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Textile Technology Center



1. About Textile Technology Center

    The Ministry of Development of the Republic of Italia, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia and Mongolian wool and cashmere association established the Textile Technology Center with a 100% grant from Italy.

   Due to the effect of global warming, consumers prefer to wear light and comfortable clothes more than fashionable ones. In this case, knitting plants in Mongolia make number 26 of yarn. We have to do advanced research and retrain the engineers in order to produce the thinner yarn in the future. 

   We aim to solve all these production and technological problems by establishing a Textile Technology Center under the Association with an experiment center.

The main objective of the center:

  • To select the optimal version of equipment based on technical and technological research and experiments of the worsted-spinning and knitting production which will be used in wool and cashmere processing. 
  • To develop the worsted spinning production by doing experiment and research.
  • To retrain the engineers who work at the worsted spinning production, and to enhance their professional skills
  • To do some research to produce textile products by worsted yarn
  • To do product improvement, and to train the engineers who work at the worsted spinning production and knitting.

      The semi-worsted spinning system equipment /We have chosen an experimental equipment form of The MESDAN LAB, BUSI, GUALCHIERI and FADIS/ of Italy that makes it possible to produce a custom yarn/ was selected in order to produce the “yarn” with the best design and a high consumption rate which is able to compete in the global market and can meet the textile and knitwear requirements.

      The equipment is to produce worsted yarn and to experiment for enhancing its quality and every equipment performs the following function.

  • Carding Machine – Raw materials are cleaned of debris, combed and evenly produced, and the top is produced which is placed in a certain size.
  • Stiro roving machine – The worsted top (roving) that meets the requirements of the spinning industry by repeatedly drawing the intersected raw material.
  • Spinning – Twisted single yarn is produced by narrowing and drawing the produced the worsted top
  • Winding machine – The twisted single yarn is wrapped in a conical cartridge and made ready for the next step.
  • Assembling machine – To double the single yarn and make it ready to transfer to the twister lab
  • Twister lab- To join the doubled yarn together by twisting way

Results to be achieved

  • By 2025, Mongolia will achieve its goal of producing finished products by about 80 percent of the annual total raw material.
  •  To produce the 30 percent of the total finished products with “Mongolian Noble Fibre” certification mark
  • To be able to test, research and develop on the worsted yarn production.
  • A basic structure will be created for the further development by testing and producing the finished product in the worsted spinning production.
  • All factories in the sector will be fully staffed with qualified engineers, technicians and designers.
  • Acquire high Italian equipment and technology and introduce it to Mongolia.

Appendix: Photos of Textile Technology Center

2.  About equipment investment

The goal is to add value chain in 60 percent to the cashmere raw product and process the final product and by 2022, 14.2 million USD worth of equipment has been purchased.  Furthermore, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for investment in Italian equipment worth 305 million USD through the intergovernmental line between the two countries.