Minister of Education and Science L. Enkh-Amgalan, Member of Parliament, Head of the Working Group on the Revision of the Law on Vocational Education and Training H. Gankhuyag, President of the Ministry of Education and Culture O. Amartuvshin, MAOENH participated in the discussion on cooperation between vocational education and training and employers. H. Ganbaatar, executive director of the Mongolian Wool Cashmere Association, representatives of the private sector participated.

H. Ganhuya, Member of Parliament and head of the working group, introduced the draft of the revision of the Law on Vocational Education and Training. He said that he will create a system that follows the demands and needs of the labor market, draw up the main concept of the law on where and how the private sector and the government will work together, and further develop the professional education system based on the cooperation between the government and the private sector.

According to the meeting, there is a shortage of labor force in some sectors due to the loss of the ratio of supply and demand in the labor market and the inability to meet the demand. , discussed the necessity of forming a mechanism of close cooperation between educational institutions.

The participants voted for the law to clearly reflect the roles, tasks, performance, and responsibilities of all stakeholders at all levels of the system, to involve social partners, and to focus on creating a legal framework for flexible learning paths or school-based, blended learning.